My name is Jamie and I’ve been known as digitalchild for over 15 years. After 10 years of this site being active, I rebranded to Random Adult. I’m still a digitalchild at heart and I dont think that is ever going to change. What is a digitalchild you ask? Well to me its someone that spends a lot of their time in the digital world.

I started my career as a support specialist and systems programmer at The University of Queensland. I had various roles at the university over the years. After close to 10 years at UQ, I started my own company. Then I was a freelance web developer and designer which evolved into a software company founder. I’ve spent over 20 years in the industry. I’m still very much working daily on the internet.

I have extensive experience developing on the WordPress platform. I am the founder & lead developer of WC Vendors the best multi-vendor marketplace plugin for WooCommerce and WordPress. I have been a systems administrator, support specialist and developer working with all levels of online technologies with over 20 years of experience. I have founded and run several companies in the last 10 years.

These days I spent my time between code reviews, content writing and systems designs for our new products.


I’m still very much a tinkerer and spend my spare time working on side projects. Some of my side projects include a site on sustainable living and a couple of print on demand sites. These side projects are a mixture of me having a creative outlet but also to learn new areas of sales and marketing.

Off-Grid Build

Off-Grid Build is a site dedicated to collecting my research on off-grid living and sustainability. These topics have been something I’ve been interested in a long time and I have been reading and researching it for just as long. I decided to write everything down so that I can reference it later. I also found that if you write something down, chances of remembering it is higher. I hope to use it as a scrapbook for my education into off-grid builds and all things sustainable and hopefully help others. I will be also looking to use this site as one of my test grounds to learn about content marketing and affiliate marketing.


I’m still chasing the snow when I can. Nowhere near as much as I used to in the 2000s but I’m working on changing that. I’m starting off the new decade with a trip to my old Colorado stomping grounds. Hiking, snow and friends are a healthy way to balance life. I’m aiming to hit Japan up this season if I can. We shall see if I have the time. Snowboarding is something that I find great solace in both riding with friends and by myself. There isn’t much in this world that can compare to spending hours hiking up a mountain to spend 10 minutes riding to the bottom and it being worth it.

Four years ago I qualified as an open water scuba diver with SSI. Since then I have dived around the world in a range of conditions and love diving. I’m a qualified rescue diver, gas blender, master diver and more. After I hit what I saw as the limits of recreational diving I started on my path of technical diving. I’m now technical sidemount diver with qualifications for extended range, extended range side mount and more. My diving goals have always been for exploration and I have been lucky enough to start to explore this. My scuba diving goals for this decade is to become qualified to dive to 100 meters on trimix open and closed circuit. I will also pursue rebreather diving and cave diving. If you run an expedition and need support divers, let me know I would love any opportunity to work on an exploration dive in any capacity.

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