Ultimate Developer Workspace: My Setup for 2024

Join me as I unveil my ultimate developer workspace for 2024. Discover how I've transformed a basic setup into a cosy, productivity-boosting environment from tech to ergonomics.

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I have been struggling for a couple of days working with Google Cloud Scheduler and Cloud functions for a project I’m working on. I’ve been working with functions for a while now. It’s a good idea to secure all your functions so that only other cloud services can access them. This can be done using […]

If you’re anything like me, and you go for bleeding edge releases to see what they’re like, there can be some drawbacks. The biggest being there is close to no updated documentation when trying to install common packages. I decided to give Debian 12 a try after not using Debian since version 3. I was […]

This is a recipe I’ve made on and off over the years that is a crowd favourite. I had promised my wife I’d cook this for the last couple of days, and finally got around to making it. Equipment Meatball Ingredients Sauce Ingredients  Making the meatballs Making the Sauce Notes Conclusion I hadn’t made this recipe in […]

Welcome back to the world of Red Hat and enterprise Linux and dependencies you don’t get in server software but you do in other distributions, like Fedora or Ubuntu. Installing Dropbox on Red Hat has a few command line steps and some compile time. Due to the fact that this is server software and you […]

This article will outline how to fix Universal control Logitech scroll wheel not working on other devices. Apple introduced a new feature in Monterey 12.3 called Universal Control. This allows you to use a single keyboard and mouse across multiple devices. Tools like Synergy have been around for a number of years that allow you […]

After many years of paying for my Adobe subscription, I decided to see what Adobe Creative Suite alternatives were available. The reason I cancelled was mostly due to the fact I wasn’t utilising the applications, the outrageous costs and their products no longer living up to expectations. The cost benefit ratio for using the Adobe […]