I had a site that needed private messaging so I decided to use BuddyPress as it already has a great messaging system. It appeared to work well with all the existing plugins until I tried to use the site search. I use Facetious Search which is a really nice search plugin for WordPress. I have custom post types and a […]

In my previous article I outlined how to get Ruby installed via RedHat Software Collections (SCL) and this works for basic ruby commands until I tried to install my backup gem. I got an install error when trying to build the native extensions. This guide will show you how to install gems when using ruby […]

I wanted to cut the amount of repositories that my systems were running and I recently came across Red Hats Software Collections (SCL). Software collections is a relatively new system that allows you to run some newer versions of popular packages including ruby, php, postgreSQL and more. I needed a newer version of Ruby (1.9.3) for […]

After getting the wireless network card working on my raspberry pi I got straight to work on testing out the camera module on the pi. I found a lot of websites talking about how the module works and how to hook it up. The commands you need to take photos and stills but a severe […]

I’ve finally got some time to do some work on my time-lapse project when I hit a brick wall straight off the bat. My $15 tiny wireless adaptor from Asus wasn’t working so I did some digging to try to work out what was going on. I first tried to use the GUI WiFi Config and […]

If you have read some of my other posts you’d know that I’ve got a couple of Network Attached Storage devices from QNAP and Synology. I’ve settled on using the Synology as my primary array with the QNAP as a backup. I recently moved into a new apartment with 100mbit fibre Internet and this has […]

I’ve recently switched to using nginx + php-fpm + mariaDB for the backend running this WordPress blog and running it on a micro instance on amazon web services. I did this because I wanted to learn some newer technologies and see how they differ from the standard LAMP setup that I’m so familiar with. While doing so I […]

Eating healthy sometimes isn’t easy but there are some simple things you can do to eat well is to get on top of your food preparation. I’ve always cooked most of my meals and as I’ve got older my free time has gotten shorter. I live with someone who is even more health conscious than myself and […]

I’ve wanted to make a gluten free cookie for a while and so I checked my cupboard to see what I had and came up with the following. I make all my food and I don’t have many snacks and decided to make my own. My snacks need to be something that is healthy that I can make […]