Cisco SRP527W Setup & Users

Cisco SRP527WThe other night I was helping a friend out and they needed a better adsl router/wireless router and I happened to have one of these Cisco SRP527W units at home. It’s a good little set and forget device (when they behave) so I thought I’d install that.

A few things that I had forgotten about since I last set one of these up so I thought I might as well note it here incase I need it again.

Factory Reset

Press and hold the reset button the side of the unit for 10 seconds while it’s on. You’ll hear it click after the time is up and the lights will go through the reset sequence. This takes about 2 minutes,ย patience is a v!.


username: cisco password: cisco
username: admin password: admin

There is two different users on this unit. The first that shows up in the username box after the factory reset is Cisco and when you use the password and login, all features appear to be available. However in reality if you want to gain access to ALL features on the unit use the admin username. The quick start wizard makes it really easy to get the unit online. If you need advanced settings they are there and easy to understand. If you’re really stuck you could always read the manual available over at Cisco’s website.