I’m Back!

You may have noticed that my site has been showing nothing but a static page with a message ‘I’ll Be Back Soon, Something Broke‘. What actually happened is that my site was script hacked. I had foolishly left an old piece of software sitting on my personal domain and that was their point of entry. An old photo gallery managed to allow the script access to my php files and they injected a bunch of malware redirects into all my php files. You dirty Russians!

Suffice to say I wasn’t too happy about that and I’ve only just had time to get back online now. I’m hoping to get a post up here more often now that its back online. I’ll continue to post photos, videos and other random stuff from my personal life.

A few things have happened since my last post on this site. I’ve bought a chunk of rainforest in North Queensland with my girlfriend Jess and we’re going to be building a house or two off the grid. What that means is that we’ll have to provide our own power system, our own communications, our own water and our own waste treatment systems. Site access is an issue so the house will have to be taken up there in small pieces and assembled on site by hand, no big cranes or machines will be able to get on there. Suffice to say its not an easy build and seeing as its over 1800km’s from where we live is just adding to the challenges. The site is beautiful though and it will be worth it in the end.

We’ve setup a blog called Off Grid Build where you’ll be able to follow our build and what we are learning along the way.

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