Vodafone What Happened?

So I’ve been patiently waiting the arrival of my new iPhone 4 from Vodafone Australia after ordering it the day of the launch. Everyone I know that ordered on the same day or later have already received their phones. I thought I’ll call Vodafone and get a tracking number so I could find where and if the package had been sent. After being on hold for 30 minutes or so, I got through to someone that informed me that it had been shipped and gave me a tracking number. I jumped onto the Australian Air Express (AAE) website to find out where the package was. To my joy it was listed as being in Brisbane, seeing as its a public holiday tomorrow I thought I would call to see if delivery would happen today.

I call AAE and they told me that the first line of the address was wrong, but the street number was right and they wouldn’t be delivering the package. I asked why they hadn’t contacted me to check the delivery address and they said that only the sender could change the address and to call the sender. So back onto the phone for another 30 minutes of horrible hold music while I wait for Vodafone to know what’s going on. I explain whats going on to the guy from customer care, he doesn’t get why AAE couldn’t have sorted it out either. He informs me that Vodafone doesn’t talk internally and that requesting a shipping address change could take a couple of days as they have to send an email to the admin department that then sends an email to the warehouse. Straight away I was like, wow now thats an archaic system if I ever did hear of one. The customer care guy suggests that I call AAE back and ask if I could pick up the package.

I call AAE back and get through to a lovely lady who informs me that I could have had the address changed and that I would be able to pick up the package, she puts me on hold to ensure that the package is at the front counter for pick up. She gets back on the phone and apologises most profusely and that I wouldn’t be able to pick up the phone cause it was on its way back to Vodafone.

Wait a minute, I called Vodafone TWICE and neither of the customer care reps knew that the phone was in fact on its way back to their warehouse. So great, I’m going to be waiting another week and a half before I see that phone. WHAT THE FUCK Vodafone?


AAE just called me to let me know they’ve intercepted the package and it’s available for pickup after 7pm tonight from the airport, YAY !