Ubuntu Magic Mouse 2 scroll not working [SOLVED]

I’ve been trialing Ubuntu 19.04 on my Dell XPS15 for the last couple of weeks and I was wanting to use an external mouse with the machine. I dug around in my drawers and found an unused Magic Mouse 2 not being used. I turned on Bluetooth and was able to quickly connect the device. There was just one problem with that, no scrolling.

A quick google search found I wasn’t the only one with this issue and most links let to a driver on GitHub from Robotrovsky. The problem with this driver is that it is for the Apple magic trackpad and not the magic mouse. A closed issue confirmed this.

Thanks to the joys of open source software Rohitpid forked the repo and has added support for the Magic Mouse 2 scroll.

It was a very easy setup and you can just follow the instructions in their readme.

Install via DKMS is very straight forward. You may or may not need to install DKMS so you can omit the first line.

sudo apt-get install dkms
git clone https://github.com/rohitpid/Linux-Magic-Trackpad-2-Driver.git
cd Linux-Magic-Trackpad-2-Driver/scripts
chmod u+x install.sh
sudo ./install.sh