After close to six weeks of hick up’s and problems with my new Macbook Pro the Apple store at Chermside has given me a new unit. So today I get to spend the next umpteen hours setting everything up again. I’m not going to use Apple’s Migration Assistant but instead use a sync tool to grab parts of the data I need. I’ve been using the ever useful ‘rsync‘ command line app but I’m going to see if there is anything else out there to do what I need.

My main requirement for the application is that its gotta be easy to use and do what it actually claims. I want to keep only a snapshot of data on my laptop as I’m pretty sure I don’t need to lug around 220GB of music promo’s.

I’ve had quite a few people recommend Econ Technologies ChronoSync. So I’m going to give that a go. So I installed ChronoSync and started to play with it only to find it works more for syncing my laptop to the NAS more so than getting my documents from the old laptop drive onto this new one.

So the trusty old ‘rsync‘ command line tool is what I ended up using. It’s twenty-four hours since I got this new machine and it’s behaving a lot better than the last which is good. I’ve got my working environment almost set up and I’m back to work from tonight.