So I’ve been playing quite a bit of Call of Duty:MW2 & Black Ops over the last year or so. I finished both single player modes and then proceeded to play the living shit out of the online game going prestige a couple of times on both. With Black Ops there is a Zombie game mode where you are pretty much in a room and waves of zombies try and eat your brains. With one person its pretty boring and actually quite hard after a while.

My new house mate and friend Ben has been resisting the urge to play video games since moving in as he said that he’s got issues with putting the controller down. Well I went away for a few days down south with my girl friend and while I was away Ben picked up the controller.

Suffice to say I now have a partner in crime to kill zombies and I have to say, with 2 people its a hell of a lot more fun and we do get into it quite badly. So if you haven’t played the zombie side yet, get to it as its worth the few hours it vaporises.